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Website Plans & Pricing

Helping you make your brand better.

Let's explore the benefits you'll enjoy when you sign up with us.

Our subscription Model 

Starting with us

Starting with us is simple and easy, no matter who you are or what you're looking for. We cover a wide variety of industries, from personal brand websites to business websites, offering different solutions tailored to your needs. To help potential clients, we offer a free demo program so you can see what your website could look like with us.

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Signing up 

Once you decide to join us, a JT MARKETING team member will sign you up and begin creating your website. We have no initiation fees, contracts, or hidden charges. Our monthly plans starts at $85.00.


This includes account setup, full website design, domain purchase, SSL-secured site, complete SEO checklist, connection to social links, mobile-responsive design, falcon art design, and lead capture and booking forms as well as on going management.


Once your website has been created and launched, we don’t stop there! We manage your website to ensure optimal performance 24/7.


We handle domain management, SEO, and new content updates. Your site will remain mobile responsive, with up-to-date SEO and consistent style.  Allowing you to focus more on your business. Have questions or concerns? Our management team is here to assist you with all your needs.

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More Information

JT MARKETING is proud to offer a variety of options tailored to different clients and industries. We provide solutions to meet various needs and functions, including unique designs, competitive pricing, free demo designs, ongoing management support, and enterprise solutions for large businesses.

Our Demo program is a complimentary service that provides a preview of what your website could look like with us. Delivered via email, it typically takes up to 2 business days to receive.

Once you're ready to begin, we'll sign you up and start designing your website. This includes the complete design and a full SEO setup, getting you up and running in no time.


Our pricing starts at $85.00 per month with no initiation fees, contracts, hidden charges, annual fees, domain fees, or cancellation fees. This price includes management services, which cover general website maintenance and all your requested updates.


With our management services, you'll receive direct access to our support team, domain and DNS management, SEO updates, design and content updates, all with mobile-responsive design.


A demo website usually takes about 2 days to create, and your full website will launch in about a week and a half. Timelines can vary depending on how quickly you upload your content and information.

Personal Brands

We specialize in crafting websites for personal brands across various industries, including real estate, fitness, cosmetology, and insurance. Whatever your personal brand, we can create a website that will make it shine.

We also offer solutions for larger businesses that need a more extensive website with additional features and functions. Our enterprise solutions require an initiation fee, while all other pricing plans apply.

Every website includes account setup, full website design, domain purchase, SSL security, a complete SEO checklist, social link integration, mobile-responsive design, falcon art design, lead capture and booking forms, and ongoing management.

Have questions? We're here to assist with any inquiries you may have and are happy to help.

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